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A/C Repair

Vehicle Conditioning Repair

Summers in Kansas City can be brutal if your car A/C doesn’t work. If your car’s air conditioning system starts blowing warm air or strange smells through the vents, trust Precision Auto Sales & Service to get your auto A/C functioning again quickly. Our experienced technicians can find and fix any problem from a refrigerant leak, to an electrical switch, or a thermostat problem!

Precision Auto Sales and Service vehicle ac work

Types of A/C Services

Many different problems could cause issues with your car, truck, or SUV’s air conditioner. Finding and fixing those problems requires additional services. The types of A/C services your vehicle may need include:

  • A Leak Evaluation checks to see if a Freon leak is causing the A/C problems
  • A Full A/C System Evaluation involves inspecting every part of your air conditioning system to look for issues
  • An Electrical System Evaluation might be all you need to get your vents blowing cold again
  • Other Services may be recommended or required to find and fix your vehicle’s A/C problems

Your vehicles A/C system should always be serviced by a qualified and properly equipped shop. Many issues can stem from an improper charge, or low quality refrigerant installed in a vehicle. Refrigerant is also harmful to our environment and should always be handled and disposed of by trained professionals.

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