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Fuel System Repair

Fuel Delivery Failure: Common Fuel System Repairs

If you drive a gas powered car, it has an internal combustion engine that sucks fuel from its storage tank in order to create tiny explosions that power the pistons. If fuel can’t get to the engine, your vehicle won’t run, and you’ll be stuck waiting for a tow truck. The fuel system is a relatively simple system, consisting of the filler hose, gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injection system, and a series of fuel lines. The filler hose, tank, and lines generally won’t fail, unless subjected to harsh rust that eats through them. That leaves the other components as the troublesome ones if your engine can’t get the drink of gasoline it desperately needs. Here is how a fuel system will be repaired, should it be found to be the cause of your poorly running, or not running vehicle.

Fuel Filter Replacement

Most newer vehicles do not use a serviceable “Filter”, most commonly the in tank fuel pump will have a strainer or filter. The most simple repair conducted on a fuel system will be replacing the fuel filter. This filter, tasked with removing contaminants from the gasoline to ensure that the engine is not subjected to harsh debris or unwanted moisture. After many miles of use the filter will become completely clogged, thus restricting the flow of fuel to the engine. This will result in a vehicle that idles very poorly, runs rough, stalls out, or simply won’t start. The fuel filter is always a great place to start when fuel delivery is deemed the problem!

Fuel Pump Repair

In modern vehicles the electric fuel pump is generally inside the gas tank, and on direct injection vehicles, a secondary high pressure pump is found on the engine. It can be relatively difficult to replace, but it may become necessary. If the pump begins to fail, you will usually start to hear a strange sound coming from the rear of the vehicle, where the gas tank is located. It will be as if there is a clicking noise on occasion and your vehicle may occasionally struggle as it accelerates. Be sure to get to a repair shop as soon as you notice something going awry to ensure you don’t end up with a vehicle that won’t go at all!

Fuel Injection Repair & Service

The fuel injection system is tasked with spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. After several years and many miles of service, the injection system may need to be cleaned to ensure it can properly do its job. However, individual injectors can also begin to leak, and this is an issue that can result in an excessive waste of gas.

Fuel delivery issues will only get worse. If your car is struggling for power there is a good chance your fuel system is malfunctioning. For expert fuel delivery repair in Kansas city head to Precision Auto Sales & Services. Our team of technicians will quickly diagnose and repair the issue, getting you back on the road in no time! Give us a call at (816) 591-6255 for auto repair or auto maintenance anytime your car is giving you trouble.

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