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Suspension Services

Your steering and suspension systems work together to keep your tires on the pavement and your vehicle under control – until a power steering problem makes your steering wheel hard to move, or a suspension problem makes your whole vehicle hard to rein in.

If your vehicle bounces, sways, squeaks, or makes you work hard just to turn the steering wheel, request a diagnostic appointment. Precision Auto Sales & Services will conduct a thorough inspection of your steering, suspension, and other possible causes for your vehicle handling problems. We’ll take the time to explain your vehicle’s condition, and let you know which services are urgent (and which can wait). We discuss the best options for your budget and provide a written estimate before making any repairs!

Suspension Service

Most drivers wonder about their vehicle’s suspension when the ride gets rough, but that bounce and squeak isn’t the only way a bad suspension can spoil your ride.

Does your car lean into turns a little too forcefully? Does the back of your vehicle drag when you accelerate? Does the front end take a noticeable nosedive when you brake?

With a damaged suspension, it feels like you’ve lost a little bit of your control over your vehicle. Listen to that instinct – the lean, the drag, and the nosedive are warnings of heightened rollover risk and increased stop time.

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